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Over Dramatic
I am getting some weird dreams these past few days. I was a little worried need your suggestions/ anything at all. I had a friend whom I adored most. I started to go out with him. Later I was scared of the situation I was in. I have become vulnerable and felt like he has too. And the most important of all I loved him as my family. But the moment I started getting messages I wished no one in my fam would see any message from him(nothing inappropriate but I know they would loose their trust). I had a few weeks of drama and then we brokeup. But I am hoping one day after we achieve something we can make our parents accept us. This happened a few months back. But I am getting this dreams that I hurt him and he is trying to tell me that I was being pointless for the drama. These are shown in different ways if those are same I would have freaked out. Am I overthinking…? Guys is this normal… ?


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Heyy princess… it normal. Yes you are overthinking but just trust yourself and what you did. I don’t know exactly what happened but deep down you know what went wrong. If you acted out just try to reach out to him calmly. He probably will understand you. And if your love is so strong, I know you guys will do your best to convince your parents and they will also understand you. Just believe in yourself. And take care.


Hey wanna talk it we can talk in a private space (means talking privately ) where you can tell me everything and it will be safe and I wanna help you