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OMG, sweet lord why me?? I could barely walk, barely talk, walking down the bed with such cold feet shivering to the hell nightmare are disturbing. No one deserves to be so depresses. Just a while ago I was happy as cherry crawling down the blueberry jovial and merry. Cheering and laughing my heart out, but the sunset and glow and shine left they left me with darkness… Waited for a while not a call not a text from him. Thought that the darkness could not hide darkness, the sunset I asked myself why am I feeling soo depressing? Do I deserve to be? 100 thoughts ran out of the mind. Next morning came with shining sun, she got a golden shine on her face never showed up such kind of glow before it was a different good!! NOT GONNA THINK ANYMORE… It’s time to shine high in the sky again with joyous energy, she got her goals high set for a new life She knew alone this journey is not easy but not going to end up in between by losing hope He never showed up! She didn’t lose the faith


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I get what you’re feeling. The darkness starts to swallow you. I’m still trying to fight it