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Omg finally I have completed death note…
I am very satisfied with the ending but it would be more satisfying if L was alive.

So honestly no offense and I respect everyone’s opinion and prospectives but death note is too overrated.

First 10 episodes were incredible but after that the story was unnecessarily streched. Maybe because the pace of story was very fast at first.
But I would give 10/10 for the ideas and ways used by Light, L and near.
Overall rating-7.5/10
Anyways I am very happy to watch this and would recommend everyone to watch it.
Must watch series !!


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Oh my god…i agree. I watched the last few episodes on 1.5 speed. Its a nice one time watch i think.


After the death of L, the story is crap.
Till L was alive, everything was so damn good…


Hehe… Movie is better I think🙂.


Movie? 🤔


Don’t you know about deathnote MOVIE??