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Okay so there’s a guy that I had a huge crush on, like after one year of wanting him we are finally on talking terms abhi. Idk yet but I do feel that he too feels the same as he reacted to my story and started a conversation. This happened two times and we just started talking then. He also shared some memes. But after getting what all I wanted I’m feeling scared I don’t why like it feels like what if I get attached to him completely and then he just ghosts me or what if don’t talk again or like what if he just randomly reacts to Everyone’s story and so he did to mine.
I feel like when God has given me a chance I’m not putting in any efforts and just letting it go even tho it is the guy that I wanted.
If things go wrong then I ll blame myself forever, also I just can’t confess out my feelings to him as it would be too soon.
Pls suggest what can I do?


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Don’t conclude anything yet.
Make sure he really likes you before confessing because reacting to stories and starting a convo or sending memes is what Normally friends do.


Firstly, observe his actions. May be he’s looking for a great friend in you and not a partner. I mean its just a possibility.
Secondly, according to me, story replies cannot be basis of what an individual thinks about another.
If you dont want to confess your feelings because you think it will be too soon then talk to him, get to know him better, if you’re ok then give some hints. And if, you feel that after asking him out the answer will be on your side, then go for it.
But, first be clear that if this is an infatuation or liking or you really love him.

I m sorry if i said something wrong

Take Care.