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Ok so I feel alone in a way that I want someone to love me but don’t want a relationship.😔😔

Post anonymously?

Same! I also want someone to love me. But I am scared of relationships becuase I don’t want a terrible breakup like everyone around me:(


Same here tbh i just broke up with someone …but i read a lot so I’ll share somthing according to ur problem … maybe its hard but YOU DON’T LOVE YOURSELF ENOUGH … Start loving yourself u ain’t need nobody ✊


Actually it’s not really like that because nowadays I prioritise myself the most …I do things which I really want to do


To be honest dude, relationship ain’t that bad but one day everyone needs to leave so can some new and a better person come into your life ,just don’t scare with anything,and when you’ll meet the right person , this’ll not get worse just give it time, and let all things going on with flow ,dont try to control it otherwise it’ll get worse:)


same here bro!!