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Now I will (try) and go to bed, still haven’t eaten. I don’t don’t have an appetite but I’m super hungry… I guess I’m depressed or in the early stages.

I’m just think thinking about her. She’s always on mind… I miss her so much. I can’t stop thinking about us together. Uno that girl, that special one! The one you would do anything for? Yeah, that’s her.


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I get you brother,

You see, love is something that is the greatest of all of living-kind.

I appreciate the feeling of yours too!

But honestly why dont you tell her about your feelings.

Either its a yes or no,

If its a no, then say ok and move on,

I know its not easy, but the thats the greatest power/gift one can achieve in his life time, by moving on you simply learn to make your self unconditional to new things you love, and free from chain that you hold with love.

You will be ok, just bring those feelings out, dont let it get choked inside you