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Now I realize that the real reason behind most of my insecurities about being bi is because I’m not romantically attracted to anyone right now, of any gender. Because of COVID, I’ve been doing online schooling and have kind of stuck in the same friend group of casual friends, and I’ve tried dating before, but the middle school world of dating with sweaty hand holding and awkward conversation isn’t really for me. So I like the idea of being in a same gender relationship, but am not currently in one or attracted to anyone of the same gender, so that contributes to the feeling of maybe it’s just a phase or idea or fantasy, and I know I should feel no pressure to figure it all out, but I’m worried that if I try to forget it or stop thinking about it somewhere in the next few months before I can go to high school irl, then I’ll lose this amazing feeling of knowing I can be true to myself and accepting being bi.

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I’m going through something similar right now… It’s hard finding out if your bi or not
I think you should just let time pass on it’s own and maybe slowly you’ll be interested to of the same gender. That’s what I’m doing rn. Also I feel like I will only know I’m bi for sure until lockdown is over because right now I can’t really see new people and meet new people to start have feelings for them.

I think you should do this too! and Have a nice day!


That’s exactly how I feel! For me, lockdown has been kind of a closed loop, and when it looks like pandemic is going to end lines up with when I start high school, so I’m really just trying to get through the rest of the school year because I don’t use social media often (I’m the oldest, my moms super overprotective.) Thanks for the advice and have a good day!