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not connected to myself
and i am lost


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What happened?


(i really don’t know how this site works)
am i supposed to tell things out like this ?


Yes u can share what you’re going through so we can help you out or listen to you


well, 1stly thank you for replaying.
My parents are divorced and both of them had got me so much of emotional wounds due to their toxic parenthood…
and these day i guess every single wounds are bleeding all at once and i am feeling terrible…

You are going through a lot! I can understand your feeling of every single trauma coming back at you! It’s overwhelming. You can try to write it down what wounds you are going through and the areas of life they’re affecting like mine were my parents always put me down called me dumb so I have low self esteem there was no emotional support so I’m a loner so write down in detail and then analyse them ideas to work upon them ik this is very tough but somewhere we all need to start. Writing it down makes it easier and also when u will overcome this you’ll look back n read n nothing will make you more proud. As they say we are not the things that happen to us but what we react to them.


Thank You ❤
At times I loose control even though most of the times I try to be positive…
At times I am tired of being strong…its been so long I am fightin and there isnt a single soul out there who can aclty understand me or to whom I can run into…and therefore I gotta always act as strong in frnt of the world

I can feel you buddy…like can really feel why do I always have to be the bigger person or stay strong and keep my calm…I can this can wear us down but we are warriors and we cannot give up not for our parents the world or anyone but our own past selves who fought so hard we can’t let their efforts go in vain…we are gonna graciously carry ourselves cz we owe it to ourselves


Give yourself a bit more time