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No one would want to hear the depressed feelings you have … everyone wants to be around positive things…. Even I am a very positive person , just searching my way out

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JaY @its_jashu

I would love hear…!
But want to turn them into positive as well…
Love to keep everyone happy…as much as i can…


Whenever we are feeling lonely or have any issues we should talk to ourselves but if you are not able to talk to yourself, you can text reply mem

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Shivam Gautam @realone

Lol exactly

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upadhyay @nishanvi

I understand all others feelings .don’t think too much for your depression .just say all is well.think about how i can solve this problem because this is my life and its my responsibility for brighten my life.and be positive and happy dear.

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Nanda @bounty

When you’re in hell, why do you want to stay there, just keep going… think of u in a dark cave walking to get out, you’ll definitely see the light soon, but u have to hope that there is a way out. Everything will be normal soon. You are precious and wanted… every pain is temporary. Believe it.

MIKEDIAN @mikedian

It’s easy to say. But we loose the way again


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