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Need help…. It has been a month since my breakup and I feel I am doing pretty well but there is definitely this void in my life right now that I just can’t seem to fill and I am getting desperate to get into another relationship which is draining my energy and not letting me do other things. I feel like my self worth is kind of tied to my relationship status. I feel more confident and good about myself when I have a gf. I am someone who does not like it when I am without a partner. But I want to change it.

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Ramu ji @ragnar_


berthalumias @berthalumia...

It’s ok I can understand your situation. Try not to jump into a relationship right away. Instead face the pain. It’s not going to be easy brother. But gather patience and strength. It’s gonna take a while but once the pain is gone. You will find a better version of yourself.


It’s okay to feel void at times. But don’t get into a relationship just to fill that void… Try healing yourself first and then one day true love will find you

harshitha b @i_am_groot

Not to disappoint you but the truth is there is no guarantee that the next relationship last forever. If that is the case this becomes an endless loop. So you must break that loop first by Loving yourself, by enjoying your own company, by feeling happy even without any “partner” who is not parmanent. Yeah i know it is easy to say and difficult to follow but trust me if you get used to it, atleast there is no need to go through this pain again!!


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