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My younger brother calls me mental female, and it triggers me. Parents told him not to, even I told him. But he sill continues. What to do? He’s 19yrs old.

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Aniket Verma @aniketk7

Firstly complain with ur parents seriously for this, if they don’t care just scold him to not do this.
If this too don’t work then pls use this masterstroke- You too start call him with any funny annoying nickname when he used to tease you by calling that. If he complains u for that just simply tell him that first u stop calling me with that name, after that I’ll do too.

This is weird but trust me this works 😂 I used to do this same with my cousins in younger age and this use to worked.


Who get offended by comments from there siblings

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Lucky Star @lucky_star

Yes, it’s how siblings love each other calling funny nicknames 😂

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Lucky Star @lucky_star

Are you sure you have a sibling 😂

Sharan Uthappa @lighthead

Take a chill


Kuchh esa kro jisse wo apse dur bhage or kho ki mental kuchh bhi kr skte h so I hope wo dobara n kre

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