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My parents are most toxic; As they never allow me to go anywhere never allows to make friends, hang out with them, want us to stay at home and just only focus on study, they cant see any fun in our lives, and I get tortured strictly by my family from their old thoughts and strict behaviour: and I know there are many of my friends here who are suffering with the same problem and get stressed and frustated as they dont have any one to share their feelings with: If you also suffer with this things shared below, we can be good online friends to share about our problems with each other
Things every strictly treated individual suffers from:👇
i can understand about toxiness
3.narrowmindedness and old thoughts
4.gender inequality
5.demotivating and discouraging
6.saying bad things mostly
if you are the one who suffers from all this, lets make this friendship work:)

I am not spamming even I am one of those stressed, frustated one who got tired of this controlled life😔


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Post anonymously?

Yeah I’m one of them who goes through this in my fam. And this has happened everytime!


We can express our issues to each other, as it can be hard here we can talk on instagram about this:)


Yeah that sounds good. Share your id I’ll ping you


My username id quite hard to write share yours i will send you a follow request


Ping me on this, I’ll share my real Id there.


Sent follow request

Not everything but yeah few points I can agree. would love to talk to someone who has gone through the same.


I would love to:) do you use instagram? We can have a word there☺

Pls share your ig id so that I can connect

These happens untill you grow up


Ya its true once you grow up and become financially independent this rubbish will gonna stop slowly
But girls still have to face it as cheap minds wont let girls fly freely

Yeah ik I have some friends who goes through these