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My parents always blame me for everything and say it’s their right as a parent and I usually have no choice but to accept them. But I feel like it will affect the outcomes of my life, I don’t understand why parents have to be like that. I have a brother and everything wrong he does has the same excuse, which is ‘he’s still young’ and everything. The thing is, when I was his age it wasn’t an existing excuse and they said it was because I was older and had to be the example. I honestly feel like it’s not very fair, I didn’t choose to become an older sibling or anything. And I have no choice but to grow up.

Post anonymously?

Hey! I understand how rigid parents can become especially “indian parents”.

I know you must be feeling burdened with so much and it’s completely okay to feel this way. All I can say please be patient and don’t loose faith in yourself.
It’s okay to make mistakes and learn from them.
Believe in yourself. 🌻🌈


thank you, 🥺🥺