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My mother is too scared to let me go out for more than 3 hours. She is scared to let me out after 8 afternoon. She tells me I’m smarter than kids my age, but she is still afraid that something will happen to me. I’m 17 and I feel trapped in my home…I feel ashamed every time I tell my friends “I’m sorry but I have to go” and every time they ask me to stay a little longer, they deny. I have went to the club once in my life. I don’t smoke or drink or anything. I don’t take interest in any of it. I don’t go with boys a lot older than me and she still can’t trust me enough. Everytime I go out, she want to know where I will be, with whom, when am I coming home and ect. And she needs to know everything about everyone I know. Because “if you get kidnapped I can tell the police who are your friends”. I don’t know what to do anymore. I never done anything behind her back and I don’t want to do it. But I feel so insecure of going out only because of the process. I have been once late in my life with 10 mins and I got grounded. She doesn’t want to me sleep at anyone’s houses anymore. Even if my friends are the next block. I don’t know what to do anymore. We talked about it every time and she tells me I will be able to do whatever I want AFTER 3-4 YEARS!! I feel like a child. I don’t know what to do anymore…

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hey there, I am of same age as yours…
I know how parents are
My parents hate it when I talk to my friends.They feel that friends are hinders in the path of life.They feel that everyone out there is going to use me.Even I do not have any bad companies but still I hear taunt every single day.One hearing the names of my friends they get angry. Everyday there is a fight between me and my parents.Literally the reason behind the fights are hilarious.Just because I talked to my friends doesn’t mean I am ruining my life but they feel so.
For this I have stopped blaming my parents because I am tired explaining them I often just ignore and try to keep my mind involved in some other work.
Do not worry everything will be fine.A day will come when she will understand you and feel proud to have a child like you who did not go with the flow of society by doing all wierd things.
have a good life ahead.
all the best


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