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my mother has separated from my father but we still need to go to the court to have it done legally and my brother wont stop stalling. i don’t understand why my father is so heartless. all my mother wants is to stay with her children in peace, she doesn’t wanna stay with him but he just wont listen. technically he has to provide for the kids if we decide to stay with her but he’s so arrogant, all he cares about is his image . my mother has no where to go, I don’t know how she’ll make ends meet or where she’ll sleep. i just hope and pray, she can stay with us without having to stay with him. i hope her problems disappear


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I am so sorry to hear what your mom is going through.
I pray she gets strength and strong enough to fight all the problems she has now.
It’s really saddening to hear these kinda situations where society stature is more concerned than the better half.


thank youuu


Be strong