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My mom and dad always fight and cause big mess . My dad has a drinking problem and hmdoes not learn from his mistakes and repeats them and my mom has a temper issue and starts shouting everytime he makes those same mistakes again and again
I have tried everything to resolve , help and calm the household. Nothing works
I think between all this mess and emotional turmoil I am not abel to focus on my work and do good for myself.
I know it’s selfish to think this way but I have been trying to help since 10 years and nothing helps.
I don’t know what to do.
I sometimes feel suicidal but I know I will never do it. I just feel those thoughts.
Also I feel my mother is not wrong to feel the way she does.
Should we ask for a divorce and live seperately ?

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Look you dad and mom have some bad habits but they are not bad person

We all have some needs like Emotional needs - we see people know they are doing bad stuff but they can’t resist
Like anger greed lust alcohol

Look they are not mindful about it

Don’t try to change them

Replace dad bad habit with good habit which have high level if dopamine

Also try to find root cause why he drink it will help if you solve problems
Google how to replace bad habit with good. Learn and apply it will help


I have some experience with alcoholics. There is nothing you can do to change their behavior, it is up to them. In fact, they often blame others FOR their addictions issues. Fear of the unknown often keeps people with the misery they know, it is false logic. If you are capable of meeting the physical needs you have to survive without them you probably should leave, just for your safety. Mental health is no joke and suicide statistics are a very sobering read. Good luck and I understand what you are going through.