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My life is literally just a hot pile of steaming mess at the moment. Let me tell you why i shall list them
1. I am starting yr 11 and have my GCSE’S coming up which are really important
2. My mum has chronic pain and can barely do anything so i have to do practically everything but get told i never do anything
3. My nan and grandad are both dying of terminal cancer
4. Coronavirus
5.My sister is being really cruel, refuses to do anything for anybody, saying she hates everyone, physically harms me over the smallest things to the point i am bleeding or have bruises and nobody does anything or cares
6. My sister just messaged my mum saying that she’s bisexual and transgender which none of us have a problem with but a year later of her refusing to talk to us about anything and just screaming saying we should accept her for who she is and storming off nothing has improved with her behaviour
7. My sister refuses to talk or even message my mum about anything to do with it and is doing drastic life style changes like wanting to cut practically all her hair off but not let my mum do it who was a hairdresser as she wants my mum to pay for her to get it done professionally even if we are practically skint and can’t afford it.
8.My dad is really bipolar and is always working. He’s either working,being kind and funny, or shouting abuse and hitting or damaging our things
9. I feel left out from my friends and want that one best friend i can tell anything to and be happy with
10. I’m trying to support my mum and act all not bothered by any of this as she’s really overwhelmed and will just break down into tears when it’s just me and her
11.I just have no energy and feel really depressed or lonely and just want to hang out somewhere with a best friend which i don’t have away from it all
12. I know practically nothing about my dad’s side of the family and he refuses to talk about anything
13. My mum’s mum and my mum are estranged because she was cruel to my mum so i have practically no family apart from my immediate family
14. I feel like I’m failing at school because even though I’m in the top sets for everything i feel like I’m doing really badly compared to everyone else

Sorry to bombard you with all this but it’s just really weighing on me.

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Heyyy. U can talk to me. I ll be your best friend and will be by your side no matter what. U can share anything with me . I m all ears . And I m so so proud of you for handling everything going on around you so well . Everything will be alright trust me . I m here for you . Do you wanna maybe connect on social media platforms? And don’t worry I m here talk to me about anything and everything. love you ❤️


Thankyou.😊 That would be nice. The only problem is i don’t really have social media. I only have Twitter and WhatsApp 🥲


Acccccha . Maybe u could join telegram or Insta?