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my heart weeps a little whenever i see people breaking in love. someone’s waking up to a throbbing chest, wishing they could just sleep more. someone’s hitting the gym early morning because they couldn’t sleep at all. someone stopped listening to their favourite songs because it makes them want to punch the love out of their bones with all their might.
like weren’t we supposed to live in love or grow in love but guess what no one ever comes out of this whole, you know? but break. break all you want if that’s how you can really let go. just make sure you don’t break the same way twice.

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Breaking is damn important in everything … Thats life in simple words … ❤.

U cant get rid of the problem nor can escape …u will break and u will rise .

Baki the emotional point of things u wrote thats awesome❤.

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Break up is the worst feeling ever, I still get traumatized whenever i think of those moments, at that time I literally became mentally ill

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