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My grandfather has cancer so I was sitting by him today and asking him about his life. He told me a lot of things but only one thing has been carved in my mind forever and it was so heart moving I felt like sharing it with you.
I asked him if he had a best friend and he replied by saying, “what do you mean “had” I have a best friend…he was my neighbour and the first time we met was when I went for my first soccer practice in grade seven…I was the captain of my team and one of our players never arrived so he volunteered to take his place. Being the captain I was scared to tale him in and judged him but nevertheless we took him in because we were desperate. Judging him was the biggest mistake of my life because we was genuinely a very good player. Since then we sticked together. And even now though I can’t walk and go to see him he still comes to see me even though I tell him not to because he has knee pains. He changed a lot during the years but he’s still stubborn like the first time I met him”
I was so moved by this story because it has been approx 68 year and he remembers everything is so much detail. Subhanallah. I pray to Allah S.A.W to grant us all a true friendship like this and to grant my grandfather shifa.

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