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My girlfriend broke up with me 3 years ago I’m not over yet, I had a best Freind(female). She had the same story as mine but hers was just an hear back of mine. I knew she would be broken I tried to protect her but couldn’t. Now we don’t talk even if I try to talk she says I am busy and whenever I ask something I’m fine why you want to know etc… and ends the talk. I just met an old friend of mine(girl) I am talking to her but I don’t want to or else I’ll get addicted and end up hurting myself


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You need to learn to be on your own now. At least for sometime. You can’t save everybody. And neither does every one need saving.
Find ways to enjoy your solitude. It will be difficult at the start. But once you start putting your mental peace before others, life will be less complicated.


Are you sure you love your girlfriend or its just an addiction cause she listened to you and supported and now you are changing her with your old friend(a girl)
I guess that your ex girlfriend says that she is busy and end the talk because she is mad on you about something and maybe everytime you talked to her you said something wrong …I dont know but if you love someone you treat them good and go to conclusions from there…


My best friend says she is busy… my ex doesn’t even reply to me