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My father thinks i don’t do anything. He say whole day i sit at home and do no work.
Reality is i help mother in all house work and cooking. I make time for myself to work on selling craft. I don’t know why he feel I don’t do anything. It hurts because this is what i am involved in daily.
Nobody recognise if i do household work, it is considered to be just siting doing nothing. I dont know what to do and how to make him see that all the work and this functioning home is fone by us 2 females. And he is the one who is enjoying these facilities of meals on time, washed & ironed clothes and clean house… Atleast be greatfull for this rather than saying WHAT YOU DO, BY SITING ALL DAY


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Ahh it irony that we never appreciate household work maybe it is in our culture or it is part of society they never allow to recognized or give female a sense of proud it is part of partichay so all of this is scheme of society and most of male enjoy this becoz they never know how difficult this household work i never know if he will ever appreciate these things but i know u r doing some amazing things and a wonderful work and u should smile that because u r doing something very difficult thing with ease and u should proud yourself