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My dog is moving in circles, she stopped wagging her tail and she’s restless. She isn’t able to climb the stairs I mean she can but she stops for a minute before climbing the first step but after that she can run and she can jump two step at a time too.Her appetite hasn’t changed though. But she was a happy dog but now after diwali she just stopped being happy lioe she isn’t wagging her tail and moving in circles and she’s restless. She’s very very scared of firecrackers. But when I googled it, it said she had some kind of tumor. We took her to the vet twicw and different too but they told us she was stressed so she’s behaving this way and they gave her a injection for reliefing stress and she seemed fine that day but idk I just feel so emotional. I just love her so much I can’t imaging loosing her she’s just 3. I’m so scared

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Firecrackers sound affects dogs
Hope it’s not tumour


Hey calm down. You’re overthinking it, I can understand the feeling that you’re going through. But as the vet said she’ll be fine. Don’t worry about her, just be with her, play with her. She’ll be absolutely fine.

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