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My boyfriend just went to have boys night today and dint tell me Either and I have been feeling really bad about it that I cried my whole heart out. Maybe because he never takes out time to meet me even though I have asked him a million times to meet. Or maybe I’m jealous that I don’t have any friends I feel lonely all the time. I don’t have anyone except him.
I was dying to meet him but now he’s enjoying with his friends how is that fair. Idk maybe I’m wrong don’t know what to think anymore.
I’ve been in depression over 2 months and he hasn’t done anything to make me feel better and now he does this.
I keep calling him but he says not to call


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Have you ever communicated your needs to your boy friend openly? If yes and he’s still behaving like you have mentioned then I feel he’s not bothered about how you are feeling and your mental health. If he can take out time to go for A night out with his friends I am sure he could have taken out at least an hour to spend with you. Somehow we girls only put that impression on our boy friend that we don’t have anyone else in life no friends to chill with nowhere to go and they start taking us for granted make some new friends start going out though now is not the right time due to covid start doing things that make you feel and look good like working out eating healthy reading good books etc and my dear if all of these things don’t help take a counselling session do not underestimate the power of these sessions they change your entire perspective towards relationships and life but make sure you choose a well educated counsellor and not the self proclaimed ones. TC


Thank you, I will do that


According to me he doesn’t deserve a pure soul like you because he is living his life on his term and you should do the same
And never think you don’t have you friend you will always have me as a friend you deserve to be happy