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My boyfriend is so nice to me
He understood that i am not feeling good
But i couldnt even explain to him properly what i am feeling or going through
And he suggested me ki hey take a break from everything take care of yourself
He so right

but its me
He changed a bit. He didnt message me everyday and i felt bad and angry
I felt he was talking to me as per his time
He messages me alternate days
But i thought its not fair. Like it shouldn’t be monotonous

I was angry With him AND other things tooo and didnt reply to him properly

He is very sweet to me

I dont know how to communicate well
I love it here i can just write whatever i am feeling easily

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Empty @kee00

Hi anonymous friend,
I’m facing exactly the exact same thing. I’m a bipolar disorder person and I’m on my medications my family situation is too bad . I don’t have close friends. I talk only with my boyfriend hardly once in a days that to for few minutes. I can not only understand but also could feel your pain. My boyfriend said the same thing. He said he’s giving me space and time to think and to build my confidence and to do things on my own. He is not even texting me. I couldn’t express and describe my thoughts and feelings. I was totally shattered and left alone suddenly without any support. He will attend online classes from a university in Canada and sleep in the day.I’m also not a kind of person to start a conversation. It’s really hard to make him know that I’m suffering. He was a kind of therapist to me . But now no one is there . I’m scared that if I’m left alone I’ll be lost in my own world and wouldn’t be able to connect to anyone. So I’m trying a lot to explain him . The thing is In the relationship we are used to the routine of texting and receiving reply. When it suddenly breaks we are not able to face it . We’ ll sort out together. The first step we can do is to make him understand that we are suffering because of their absence and our feelings not valued whenever it needed some attention. We’ll sort out together . Share with me whatever you are feeling whenever you want.


So damn relatable
I hope you feel better soon
Yes we’ll sort it out
Thankyou so much
You can too share with me


This is one of the many, many reasons why long distance relationships feel so unsatisfying . . .

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