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My boyfriend has changed but he says he hasn’t. I want to cry my eyes out . I feel so tired rn . Whenever he goes out for too long he’ll let me know about it but today he left and never called. He took so long but he didn’t call . I’m trying to tell him that he has changed but he is saying he hasn’t. I don’t even have the strength to type . I’m losing my mind . He came and acted like nothing happened. I was shook by his reaction towards me . My instinct says that I’ve been used again and I’m not ready to accept it . I’m hurt deeply but he acts like its no big deal . We will be together for this one month and then I should travel back to india . I’m starting to feel like he used me but i also feel like he didn’t for 2 years .
Its all coming back , the pain , I don’t want to cry . I don’t want to feel that break up pain again . I’m exhausted. I’m not happy . I have exam tomorrow I don’t know what to do

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Mirson @positive_stone


Mirson @positive_stone

Ir own boyfriend r8 speck to him or maybe take screenshot of this, u might have all good time right?? Just like that handle this also


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