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My boyfriend and I just broke up, I’ve been hoping for him to call me and ask me to fix our relationship but he chose to block me. So many red flags but decided to always understand him to forgive him. I want to cry but even my tears left me.


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Hey… Dont cry for someone who didn’t bother to sort things…yoh should be happy that this hapnd before any major commitments… Dont cry and get into depression or anxiety… Talk to people and avoid staying alone.


I actually can’t cry but now my tears can’t stop falling. Thanks though ☺️


Cheers!!! Hope I could help a bit.


Move on, if there were red flags then it’s a good thing that it is over

Do whatever you need to do to get over it, just lay in bed for a week if that helps

And then start working on yourself

I am not hitting on you, but feel free to ping me on insta - questionsunaskable , i guess i can help cause i recently went through the same thing

This needs convo which cannot be done here


I wish can on my bed but I have work to live. But thank you that’s sweet


Maybe he’s feeling the same way and don’t want to show that to you that’s why he’s doing this. Maybe he is sad for you too who knows maybe he’s crying for you too. But who knows about that. You already broke up so instead of thinking about him try to move on.


Move on yeah I’m trying. Thank you

Going through a break up is hard and especially when the other person have also blocked you… Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much we are being understanding or forgiving… Some people leave even if we give it our all… But just know somethings are not meant be even if we want it to be… It’s hard overcoming the loneliness, the insecurities, the pain… It will take time according to the depth of the wound… But just don’t give up on yourself okay… Just hang in there… And if you want someone to talk … Many people are here including me… We are just one reply away… So don’t lose hope in yourself… Just trust the process of overcoming the pain… It will fade… Okay…


Thank you that’s so sweet

Yes keep going… Don’t give up 🤗💗


I know breakup hurts the most and move on is also not easy but if you have someone to share things then you will moveon somehow.


I wish I have someone, I can share my feelings with. Thank you tho


If you want you can share with me.
Share your feelings with a stranger guy is good because in that case you dont have to worry about anything and you can able to say anything without thinking any single thing.


It is the hardest thing being cheated by someone you trust most. This is the fate of today relationships where if one gets extra loyal then other will start cheating. Until you dedicate yourself in the relation he or she will be loyal but once u get attached then they take it granted. Anyways just be calm. Whatever you want do. I have also gone through this. Infect everyone. If u wanna cry then cry don’t stop. Market yourself lighter. Do the thing which you were doing before meeting him more efficiently. Try at least. You will feel better.


He didn’t cheat (I hope) he just changes. And didn’t know how to say sorry 😅