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My boyfriend always says “babe give me few days I’ll correct everything” and then disappears. I try to live in the hope that one day he’ll actually work on things.
At times out of frustration I tell him to end things…but he’s making me confused. He’s neither letting me go nor fulfilling his responsibilities.

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What are you expecting from him? And why?


So were on the verge of breaking up bcoz his family is pretty orthodox and they were against our marriage. So I needed some clarity about our future…since that time he’s making me confused about the whole relationship thing.
Bcoz of all of this confusion I have been experiencing recurrent panic attacks and sleep paralysis…so I just want him to make it clear so that I don’t feel blank and hopeless.

I don’t even know what to say or do. I try to understand him but bcoz of my mental health I cannot.


Heyyy…if you are confuse either he loves you or not…go with the answer your heart says and accept it


Tell him the things that hurts you. List them and write it down. Give him a way to correct himself or a deadline. Let him know you are being hurt and that if he repeats this you will have no option but leave him permanently. Then sit back and just observe.


I think I can do this.

Thank you 😀

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