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My bf keeps on telling me to behave like a mature person can someone tell me how to behave like a mature person. Last week he told me I’m childish i don’t behave like matured also says ki i don’t give him any efforts. I try my best whatever I can do jitna ho sake utna efforts deti hu pr phir bhi he is like mere liye vo bahot kaam hai. The thing is we are in Long distance he comes to meet me at least 2 or 3 times in a month and I too meet him but I’ve some health issues bcoz of that I can’t walk much I get tired easily or else BP low hoke raste mein hi chakar ata hai that’s why I don’t roam a lot also when everything was normal I used to go to college and everything tabhi ye chakar ka problem jayda nhi tha pr now after staying at home for almost 2 years ghar se bahar nikli toh bhi thoda chalne ke baad taklif hoti hai and he thinks mein uss ke sath ghumne ke liye mana karti hu he is like before you used to roam with everyone abhi mein ane ke baaad hi kyu chakar ata hai… Are bro how many times should I tell you only one thing ki nhi hota hai muzse n uske vajah se he is saying I don’t give efforts uske upar se usne muze last week mein itna sunaya i swear that was the only thing till now pure zindagi mein vo chiz sabse jayda hurt hui idk what to do how to make him understand mein usse kal siddha boldi ki agar tuze lag hi raha ho ki mein efforts nhi de rahi leave me… Tho I said that in some anger but yrr sach mein kabhi kabhi toh bahot bura lagta hai… And always from the start itself he says me mature hoo are agar u think I’m not mature then leave bro mere se jitna ho sake utna deti hu tuze vo kaam lag raha hai … This felt nice after ranting over here but please guys tell me how to behave matured 🙂


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Okay but why he is saying you childish? Any childish act you did before acc to him?


Noo it’s just that from the start he feels I’m being childish, he thinks I can’t handle situation


Ask him how he would like you to behave, request him to elaborate “mature” as per his understanding