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My bf broke up with me today. I feel I can’t stop crying. I noticed we were distant but I thought we were ok.
I think he stopped liking me or he likes someone else.

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Avtar @avtar

You may check some thoughts which I posted on my profile may be you will get some hopes or partially solution


I think you need A big tub of ice-cream, a Netflix card and a friend. I understand how that feels 123 go on YouTube always makes me happy maybe you can watch some videos

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Rhea @rheas

I know how u r feeling. I’ve broke up 2days ago. This was my first relationship. We were together for 3 years. Suddenly he messages my parents saw a girl for me and I’m getting married. And he asked me if we can continue this relationship after he is married. Imagine how disgusting I felt. I blocked him from everywhere. But my subconscious mind is making me see him every night in my dreams. All I can say for both of us is that “everything happens for a reason”. Let’s just trust life and believe there is better future waiting.


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