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May I have your attention please 🥺
I want you guys to listen me
From past few months I am not doing anything just using my phone and spending time with myself I and learn about my biggest fear this world and that is getting cheated on maybe it sounds pretty simple for you but for me it’s like death I can’t imagine a day without getting into depression thinking about the day I will date a girl love her to death and get cheated in the worst way maybe with my best friend or anyone I can’t stop thinking how easy it is for a woman/man (woman cause I am a straight Guy) but for me it’s like death thinking about the girl the love that my body someone else touch it kiss it or do anything I will die from past month every single thing I saw I relate to cheating and it’s not a bad thing I know I try to talk alot of people but only question I ask about is cheating they say “yes” I feel like that hit again I read other stories and get depressed how someone cheat on there partner latest read about a woman who cheats on his loyal husband with his husbands brother 😰 can you imagine
I don’t have any brother but this gave me anxiety to even think that even I left my girl with a guy for work she gonna cheat me and fuck him i have a cousin who date alot fucks whosoever he want I feel what if that happens to me he fucks my girl I know for you it’s normal but I know what I am going through after that I feel like I begg to google to give me a place where I can talk I came here but nothing changes my every question is related to cheating I cry watching cheating movie all over my social media this going on I
Feel like I am gonna die and there is no cure but I feel like if the problem is mine solution will also be mine I have decided that I am gonna love someone truly and get cheated otherwise this insecurity will kill me but problem I can get over my problem but I can’t get over watching others getting cheated and I started feeling bad for them
I hope for the best
If something is gonna left I will tell that later
Thank you


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Dont get into a relationship if u are so insecure… trust me… u’ll make ur own life and ur partner’s life hell… probably always checking on them, probing them, questioning them… yeah… the relationship would never be healthy


Yea I guess