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Kim Solomon @kiestern

Ma apna crush ko kaisa attract karu ??

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Pankaj Kumar @crazyguy3495


Universal problem

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Angelina @angelinahupe


β€œkim there’s people that are dying”
_ Kourtney Kardashian

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Himanshu @jaggajasoos


Agar financially week hai to sochna bhi mat wo na kahegi tumhari life ke saalo nikal jaenge warna jao baat karo voice ka tone confident rakho. And ask her out aur senti na hona no closed body language add jokes get flirty shuru me ni hota but situation ke hisab se try karna. Be conscious ke wo awkward na ho bohot daat na dikhana talk about general to personal things direct personal sawal na puchne lagna. Cofee aur sandwich bas zada kuch order ni karna bhandara ni hai. Aur date over hone pe see off with a smile like confident one listen to her don’t overshare. It’s not a competition ki kaun zada bolega. And at last usi time next date plan mat karna wo baat karte karte ho jaega baad me. All the best πŸ‘

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