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M feeling so down today. Want to talk to someone and wanna open up myself but keep myself shut due to fear of being judged.


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Yeah i would like to hear you.


Hi! U know it’s just m feeling so low bcoz I did not score well in my exams , even missed a paper and to add misery to my miserable situation, I feel loneliness whole time, I don’t want my parents to be stressed regarding me.

Ohh i understand but you it’s alright you know. Because not everything is a lesson sometimes you just fail but you didn’t fail right you just scored less. You’ll learn from it and you’ll do better in next exam. And it’s alright if your parents get stressed about it because one way or another we children’s are always stressed out our parents 😂
And why do you feel lonely? Is there any perticular reason for it?


You know I feel I should tell you in detail … actually I had taken drop this year for engineering entrance exam. I gave my exams and results didn’t come out pretty well and then when I was literally confident, my last attempt was not allowed to give coz I reached centre late. Sadly, I spent my days waiting for cutoff to know if m eligible for advance. Now my anxiety if growing coz results are not coming out and my frnds have scored well and they tell me to now worry as if it’s a very small issue but it’s not as it decides my college. Upar s to whomsoever I share, they start telling me to join private college. And I just feel helpless and hopeless and when I try to get emotional help from my frnds, they turn out super creep sometimes making me feel uncomfortable. And I don’t share things at my home bcoz they don’t understand, they think that m carefree now but it’s not , I just hide all my anxiety inside myself

Ohh i understand you know i went through the same thing. I didn’t scored well either for engineering then i had to took admission in private college it was costly and i was always stay in anxiety that I’m wasting my parents money. But now when i completed my engineering i feel like maybe instead of worrying about the money if i should have enjoyed those 4 years i would have created a nice memory for me.
So now i understand what you’re feeling but as zakir khan said “sab kuchh na kuchh kar hi lete hai zindagi mein” you should less worry about it, i know you’ll be stressed because of results but you shouldn’t feel lonely or something like that try to enjoy more and hell with your shitty friends you don’t need friends as long as you’re happy by yourself.


Sending your virtual hug and big thanks. I really felt lil relax after letting out my things to u… I also feel the same about those financial things but I guess u r right. ❤️

Ohh thank you so much for the hug and i feel happy that you feel good.
The thing is no matter what you do for us middle class people money is always gonna be a problem and in worrying about that we always forget to stay happy and then regret it later.
I hope you don’t do the same mistake.


You are right. Living in a middle class family comes with its more difficult paths. But u know I will always keep in my mind to not worry to that extent that I loose the essence of living❤️. I hope you are fine :)

Yeah and even if you feel lonely or something like that, then this site is always here. Not sure if I’ll be here forever but there are more people.
And nice of you to ask this but no one is really happy, atleast not in this times😂


Hey I don’t know when u gonna read this but just in any case u ever feel like to share then u can share too…yeahh thoda choti hu but I will listen to u just in the same way u listened to me❤️❤️ and today m feeling better

You know your maturity doesn’t define by how old are you, but it defines by what you’ve been through.
Thanks for your offer ☺️.
Also I’m glad that you’re feeling good.


M glad u commented on my post. I know it’s a big term but you really came out as an guardian angel for me. It makes me happy how ur optimism changes my perspective

Now you’re just giving me too much credit 😅 i didn’t do anything it was all you.