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Love my mom and my girlfriend both but i am afraid they dont like each other. Want to look for future but i am confused

Post anonymously?

Hey bro. I understand your problem I guess the best cure for this problem is you yourself.


Don’t think of the pros and cons that will happen in future. You love your mom and your girl friend even they may also love you as much as you.

Just think of the root of this problem. Y they don’t like each other. Is your mom thinking that the girl you chose is not the right one for you or if you married your girlfriend you may forget your mom and there maybe a change in love which you had with her before and then after the marriage. Think that
Also this applies to your girlfriend why do she don’t like your mom.
You have to personally go and ask each of them and then understand the true cause of them not liking each other.

I hope it helps and if not do let me know.


Well ur afraid they don’t like each other, u not sure…

Best solution is to talk to each other separately bout it casually or direct tht depends on u

Once u have an answer ull able to identify if there is really a problem or its just your thoughts… incase there is a problem there wil definitely be a solution depending on the problem

Think bout it

Many a times problems occur due to lack of communication or not communicating the right way

Tc stay blessed & have a wonderful day


Thanks! I am also trying to find the same


Great, all the best… Hope to hear from u soon

Tc stay blessed

How old are you?