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Listen,calmly to the waves of emotions flowing and fighting…
They are enough to say that we are one.
All are tragedies which leave deep scars,
Nothing is compared to the warmth of yourself.
All of the people who are trying to hang in there
Just listen,if you are trying to do it for yourself you should give your best.
If you are hanging in there for others just it doesn’t mean anything to you because at last it will all be covered with your death.
That others include all your relations including your family,love,friendship etc
If you are thinking about hurting yourself for others,crying,breaking your self esteem, confidence, mental strength, health,personality then remember the real you and the you who once loved yourself and them is dead.
If you choose others over you that means you are going to give up your soul to them.If they hold it tightly you will be survived when they hold it fragile,your soul will always be fragile.
Maybe you will think you are selfish that is not it,you are just protecting yourselves because you are the last hope of you in every situation.
Don’t give your chance in your own life to others because maybe at some point your confidence on them can break and can never be replenished,but if you took off your own chance your confidence, even when it break you can rebuild again

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