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Lonely Trigger Warning

Like shit
I’m a heroin addict, I guess I’m half man Because I just hate how taugh I can get idk I hate talking about it, I hate how much I’m like someone I fuking hate, he’s a piece of shit, he wants to come off like a prince Romeo but behind doors fuking talking shit I hate him he has no worth to me, useless…
I’m 3o now and I’m not feeling good, I’m broke my feel like a loser I’m so angry, I don’t want to idk I’m going to relapse but who can get sober with a crack head in the room and being watched, I probably think I’m like a nut case and believe me I’m tired trying to convince ppl, I’m not going crazy I’m just stressed and tired of it, I almost want to go crazy but I can’t, maybe I am? But it’s helping me use the functions in my half brain, I want to like thank him, but have his ass kicked
I almost dream about it, get a black guy real tough black guy and before he goes to full attack on his queer ass slap him and call him a fuking n… and a pussy fa… spit in his face slap him around then throw him out to the queer and tear his ads apart…
I dream about slaughtering him, I go into deep thought slicing his neck from ear to ear, he’s a queer me and the dogs will agree ESPECIALLY the REAL QUEERS
A real man will never act gay look gay make it look cool and shit just to get hit on like a faggit CHILD MOLESTER
U want truth?
Pictures of ur kids, and I already know, I almost want to give them love and support help them with a distraction…
Why don’t ppl parents pay attention to kids, being a child’s inspiration would be my complete
Don’t u remember
When days ur mad sad hated ur parents, ur mind would go off into taught and u find happiness to get away from ur ugly, I want to be ur happy
It would make my purpose
My reason to be alive
Ppl are ugly
Life is ugly
But if I can be ur happpy, happy I always wanted someone to be, it would make my reason to life and be a life
I’m not crazy I don’t think I know it all I just know what I know

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