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Like everyday, I feel bored. when i scroll my phone i dont have anyone to count on. I can’t express this to my parents as im 29 so its a big deal. I don’t know what to do. Also i’m scared thinking abt will i will stay alone n single all my life.


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Hey! It’s okay. It doesn’t matter what your age is try to talk it out to anyone or anything just let it out. And my friend you won’t be single all the time. It’s just that it’s not time yet. But when u will find someone. I assure you will feel on cloud nine.


thats the issue i dont have that’anyone’ to talk to


U know it’s similar like a picture every thing is pre planned you just have to wait for the right moment.


Hey, It’s okay to feel like this and I am so sorry to listen about your divorce. But it’s natural to feel low during such times. You may feel like your world is falling apart and that you will never love again. But you have to learn to let go. Let go of the people who are not meant for you. Something similar happened to me down the line and I know temporary people hurt the most. If you feel low you should grieve and let things and you will feel better.

With every second passing by you are getting a moment away from your past and things do take time but they will eventually work out. You should take some time off analyse yourself, ask questions to yourself. Do you really want to stay this way in the pithole your whole life? or actually, work upon yourself.

Here is a collection of ted talks, I hope you would like it


Same here


Hi! I feel the same too…


I don’t what is your gender but what i know is in our society it’s not easy for female of this age to live peacefully every one around them to wants to get married her and you have also mentioned topic divorce so may be you got married
Would be great if you mention all the things