Life of adulthood feels good when friends are around you, once you reach in your last year you feel like you are going to miss something very precious which is close to our heart, but things fade out slowly slowly,they get busy in their own life. You look forward to your birthday and it is there you celebrate for the first time, the occasion and joy of it.But it’s not, life is just not like that. It never ever is, so you wait for life to happen and you will not get any more happiness as life passes by . Life is a journey that you never know where you are going and how you are coming back or what you left behind.You feel that something is not right, something doesn’t feel right to you and something you always wanted to do. Maybe you want to be an artist, maybe you should just study, or maybe become a doctor, engineer,etc. you know you can never get everything you wanted. Everything will come and go and in this life, everything will happen when we are not doing anything to bother anyone and there is no pressure or stress to worry about, that is life we can get lost and nothing is going on, nothing can happen. That is why we should always be careful about who we let close and also we never let go of our friends and family which we will miss when they are gone.

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Shhhhh koi h?
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I can,t find any person my vibe from the day i born
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Maybe between Forever and Nothing, there's a place for us.

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