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It is nice to hear that we all have life but Have we been able to fully understand our life ??, a small anecdote makes us hate our own lives, like Mamma, our father or brother or our partner, our breakup, right? . On the one hand, when our teachers scold us, that’s enough; we hate our school life and later we are asking the same school life back from God.
For example, he would have known about the repair of a number which had lost a lot due to just one number.
Same thing is in our life as well.
In true sense, we cannot understand life unless we love ourselves, our body.
Have you ever thought that if we ever have 100 rupees, then we do not spend it without thinking because we know that we have the same 100 rupees and until next 100 come we have to work with them.
But everyone has the same life and they do not even know if they will get it again, so then we can not think why ,even once before ruining it.
So No matter how many people are around you, nobody can understand your life except you.
β€œHave a great life”

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