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Raj Chauhan @raj1403

Life is pain suffering and an endless chain of torture.
Accept it.
Happiness is an illusion. The only love that exists in the world is parental love. Everything other than that is sheer lie.
People may fall in love but they fall out of love too. No one loves anyone, it’s all about being convenient to be with someone for :

1) emotional affection
2) physical affection
3) financial security and support.
4) Social status.
5) … Feel free to add to the list

Till the time you provide your partner one of the above, you will be loved. If not then replaced ☺.

Love is for the just chosen 0.1% of the people, rest all are stupid chasing🏃 for love. Go home ya all. Do something good for yourself. Make peace with your life.
Take care of yourself. Treat yourself well. Eat timely. Spend on yourself. Be happy without seeking a partner.

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Thanks for sharing that🧡Sometimes it’s not easy, when you don’t know how to take care and handle your life happenings all alone. Can you say anything on that

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Raj Chauhan @raj1403

I have been there and to be honest, i tried all my level best to control outcome of situations but i failed and failed so badly to get the outcome that i wished for.

Now i still try my best to do what could be done for getting the best outcome in relationships or career but if the results are not in my favor, i just accept how things are going on, yes i get sad momentarily but then i feel “aaahh Go d if this is what you have planned for me then so be it. I take this as your blessing and won’t complain but at the same time i surrender myself to you. You will surely do what’s right for me”

"Sitaram Sitaram Sitaram kahiye
Ja hi vidhi rakhe Ram ta hi vidhi rahiye "

It’s like keep trying hard for best results, give my 100% and honest efforts, but I shall live according to your plans and accept results as my fate.

Stick to these 2

1) Accepting people as they are makes life easy, we shall stop hoping for things to get better.

2) Express Gratitude:
Be grateful to Bhagwan for whatever good things are there in our life at the moment…
for example food on our table shelter to protect from rain, cold n sun.
We are healthy wow thanks for that.
Our loved ones are healthy safe and with us, so grateful.

We got good education and intellect to make life better…

These things make us feel more alive and fill our hearts with positivity


Thank you for such a kind explanation. I have way to go. Good to see you are on the right path ahead

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