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Life hasnโ€™t gone as planned? It doesnโ€™t for anyone. MOVE ON. Focus on the good. Those who lives amazing lives havenโ€™t got lucky. When things donโ€™t work out they move on quickly and focus on the next positive. The drop the negative like a hot potato and focus on what they can do today to get in a better state. They donโ€™t seek sympathy from family and friends, they focus on what IS GOOD in their life. Donโ€™t cheat on your future with your past. Itโ€™s over. Richard Carlson once said โ€œthe key to a good life is this: if you are not going to talk about something during the last hours of your life, then donโ€™t make it a top priority during your lifetime.โ€
Maybe we should take that advice :)

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