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Lamoriya @shristi_sadasam

Let me tell you two fun facts-
Can a bad person bless someone!I mean if your answer is yes then try imagining how,I mean try to feel the how of it and if your answer is no then why not!
Another is that as some religions stress on the existence of devil and even some people’s mind says so that if there is god there is evil aswell then how do people who medidate or even spirituality of now a times stress on you being an empty pot and then listening to voices/your inner voices,I mean won’t they fall victim of your so considered devil!and if yes do you find them/such people devilish!,and yes if you start arguing that its their inner voices,the devil is not inside,I have already won!.I won brother,I won,you lost you damn it you lost🀣,its a meme dont take offenseπŸ™ƒ.

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