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Let me share a story of my dear friend. Her name is say, A and she got married to a man say, B. A got married to B against her family’s wish and B’s family was happily ready. After marriage she got to know that B is divorced and when A asked the reason for the failure of the marriage, they told her that the previous wife was a characterless lady. A started living with them. She is a very intelligent woman and was a bright student at one of the renowned Institute. B and B’s family pressurised the girl to stay with B and either drop the college or convert the study as part time. The books are the only things that can keep A sane. So she refused. Her in laws were continuously pressuring her to leave studies and look at B’s carrier as B was quite old and not doing well at his workplace. They used to raise voice and if she protest against them then they all used to gang up against her and start crying as if she is the culprit. Once her mother in law yelled at her at a public place and everybody was watching, her father in law called her father a bad person and meanwhile B was silent. When she told B that what she is going through he told her that this is her fault. If she wishes, she can stay wherever she wants. So she decided to leave the man. At that point, the man realized that this girl too is slipping from his hand and now who will look after his parents, his sister, brother in law and sister’s children (earlier he was thing that she has no place to go and she will surrender), so he decided to cry again. But this time A was so sure that she will lead her life in her own way (they pressurised her to sign a paper that says she is not forced to get married and all the people are very well behaved and blah blah blah so that’s why she wasn’t able to complaint). She is now doing just fine. Living her life alone and I hope the only life she got on this earth may bring all the bliss to her as she truly deserves it. She hasn’t seen any good thing in her life. The worst thing of her life disguised her as the happiest moment. So she has now reached a state where she cannot feel anything and confined her life to the books only

Post anonymously?

Honestly whatever your friend (Ms A) did is commendable and I salute her for this decision!! Similar instances happen regularly around us but these aren’t raised and not many people interfere as it is considered to be a private family affair…but people should be more vocal and should interfere whenever they feel something wrong is going on(similar to the incidence that took place at public place).

The worst thing also had a lesson attached to it that no one shouldn’t trust anyone blindly and make proper investigation when getting into a relationship and marriage and something from the past comes out(which wasn’t declared earlier)!!

And finally for your friend (the brave lady) I’d just like to say that she shouldn’t be disheartened and she’ll surely get the best and what she truly deserves…the time she has been through was tough but has taught her a lot of things and the decision she took has set an example for others too who are facing similar situations, whether to keep crying and staying down or else speak up and take charge of one’s life!!

Please ask her not to confine her life to books only as not everyone she meets is the same or has same intentions… There’s surely someone who’s worthy enough to make her feel happy forever!!

Eventhough this has been posted anonymously for someone I wish I could meet Ms A and ask her how she took this decision (not an easy one and it obviously would have taken lot of time) so that this can be conveyed to others as well!!
More power and blessings to Miss A🙏


*no one should trust anyone