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Last night i fought all my instinct to mail him. I cried myself to sleep but didn’t mail him. I get these highs and lows that drain all my energy.
This is my getaway for now.


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Why are you hurting yourself so much?? Is he worth that much???


I was going to get married to him. He broke up 20 days before the date. I just am too overwhelmed.

Was it a love marriage?



Then why did he broke up with you?


We had a fight. i said some hurtful things to him. i apologized later on and tried my best but he didn’t listen. He forgot everything in the past and got stuck on that one day.

He broke the marriage because you had a fight??
That’s horrible.
I don’t know what to say. But you should not hurt yourself for that person.


I know. I am trying.

Then i wish you good luck.