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How do you keep up with your waxing cycles? Does it make you uncomfy and itchy when you have hair on your bods…
Has covid made you consider hair removal at home?

Post anonymously?

For me, it’s better to take care our hygiene no matter during covid or not. You will feel comfortable from doing that. So I prefer razor than waxing.


I am not so fussed about body hair… rather comfortable going out in them…
but I can not stand hair in my intimate areas…


I haven’t even done my eyebrows


Eyebrows don’t bother me… unless I am going out 😛😛😋
Are you bothered by them?

As and when hair comes on my body I get it waxed. It means not small but has full growth on my body.

Last year, I did at home through ways but now I call parlor didi at home rather than going there and she has to put the mask on her face.

It doesn’t make itchy but it’s normal. However, waxing is hygiene for me as an individual. 😃✨


Thats spot on! I am the same… but my parlour wali is my partner 😅 she hates to be one though 😛
I would rather have hair on my body and let it grow until I can have them waxed…
However, I trim my privates when need be…

Yes, same.

Use ‘Venus’ brand Trimmer on your private parts then Scissors, if you are using scissors.


I use razor its better than waxing


I personally struggle with razors, I don’t have the patience and end up with alot of cuts… I have a trimmer thats pretty cool… just a slow process…
I love waxing but its a pain in the arsehole… the whole setting up is traumatising to say the least…