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Kind of lost. Not knowing what I am doing.
Seriously I do thing I compare my life to others that I didn’t have any girlfriends or guys to really hang out with. I never did and i am still not enjoying my teenage years. I feel like i am a proper loveless man who will never find love.


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This might sound harsh but don’t depend on love to be the source of your enjoyment especially during your teenage years. It’s okay to not have been in relationships, when it will be the right time you’ll meet your love too. And as for confusion regarding your life, I think you should really think of all the things that’s going on now, if there’s too much that’s been overwhelming or just sit down, relax, put on some music, drink water and be mindful towards you. You are your own happiness and you’re a teenager now, you can do much and enjoy alot even by yourself. It’s okay to not have many friends too:) look out for the real ones! Hope this helps. Have a beautiful day🌻


I can agree with the comment here. As a young adult who has finished college…I promise high school is a small part of your life…you’re still growing so much maybe that’s why you’re feeling lost you are internally exploring who you are you want to be this is okay…Maybe it’s good you don’t have much people to hang out with focusing on yourself be the best and practice your morals and values, practice setting boundaries and the universe will bring you people who you’re meant to meet. One thing I learned is love is only a portion of your happiness it’s not ALL of it, which is what a lot of young couples have trouble realize when it doesn’t work out they’re torn apart and create unhealthy attachments. You have passions. My experience college, if you decide to go to study what you like, you WILL meet sooooo many different people and many opportunity to make friends, join clubs. Please don’t be hard on yourself, high school is a tough time, I promise it’ll get better if you open yourself. Please be kind and gentle to yourself!