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Just want to ask
Is it okay to be good?
Is it okay to help everyone even if they don’t even care??
Is it okay to be kind?
Is it okay to solve problems of others?
Because they’re many who will say kiu kr rhi hah jab woh nhi kr rhi ya kr rha.
Don’t be that kind…
I can’t change myself nor i want to change myself because when will i do i will live in fake world, papa alwys taught me log kuch bhi karay, kese bhi hu hamesha sabki help kru, bachpan se sikhaya hah unhone, religion mein different mat kru gareeb ameer kuch nhi hota, etne aache ethics sikhaye hein unhone if i change myself it will be a disrespect and even i dont want to kiuki muje usmein khushi milti hah. But this society, world sucks, koi problem nhi hein muje still. Fake lgta ha sab muje. But koi bura nhi hota sabki life hoti hah

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