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I’ve tried my best to answer as many questions as possible on this website. However, I’m curious to know does it really make any difference to seek help & pour your heart out with strangers to get different POV’s?

Can anyone shed some light?

Post anonymously?

I don’t know if I am qualified to answer this.
But here’s my take on this:
I think just being able to write your thoughts down or to tell another person when you are in that down moments of life or even in-general helps you to think better and reconsider everything.

Now coming to the part where you try to help someone or seek help from strangers, In today’s world we are very disconnected from our families (maybe because of the generation gap) and our friends might not really understand what we are going through, many times it might become a joke. In those times having a stranger who can share your point of view or even who can show a very different perspective can change the whole moment.


That is a valid point. Thanks for sparing your time.