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I’ve recently lost my 8 month relationship with my Ex-girlfriend all because she hated how I talked to her.
The only thing I did was be myself around her, and now it has been ended.
I miss her and she won’t get out of my mind.

My Grandad who has severe asthma has gotten covid. Same with my Cousin and my Mum.
My Cousin and Grandad are fine but my Mum is really ill.
After a-few hours later my uncle called saying him and his wife have covid too.
My Grandad could die if his covid is really bad. I’m just scared.

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Zak Puckett @ztothephour

i get it when everything builds up, brings a new truth to “live each day as if your last”

I’m terrible if you just need to vent. but if you’re looking for clarity on any specific thing, click connect, I’ll try

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Arumugam @raman_laxman

My grandfather

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Anurag @anuragilu

Being disable is curse....😭😭😭😭

hey you okay @_mahi_

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Got cold 🤒🤧
Hello Everyone all Health Is Good?
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lucky kushwaha @happy_soul...

Akhir log itna desperate kyu?,😂
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Akash @me_nonenity

I'm ill., Nd feeling tired and perhaps slightly annoyed & boRead more