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I’ve been thinking through coming out as bi-who first, how long to wait between telling people, how they would react, etc-and I asked myself what I thought my parents reactions would be. I know how my mom would react-supportive and ok with it, although she would probably look through my computer or watch me a little bit closer for a while afterward-and how she feels about the lgbtq community in general (totally fine with it, even though she doesn’t have any close friends or people she is talking a lot with that are lgbt), but I just can’t get a read on my dad. I have never heard him mention anything related to it at all. I know he is ok with it as an idea, he’s seen a gay couple kissing a few times on a show I’m watching and hasn’t commented on it(not in a bad way, he just doesn’t usually say anything about what I’m watching) and I can’t think of a way to get him to say what he thinks about lgbtq people. I’m still waaay to far in the closet to bring it up with pride stickers or clothing, and just asking him outright might work for some people, but it would definitely get him to ask about why I was wondering this. Music -unless it specifically says something about pride- would be too subtle for him to make the connection, and I can’t think of any casual way to get him to say what he thinks about lgbt without making him think I’m asking for a reason or bringing it up to my mom, who would read into it a lot more and start asking me why I was asking that, and “I was just wondering” would definitely not be enough to throw her off until I am ready to come out on my own terms.

So: Subtle, but enough to get him talking about it, not just a shrug or one sentence answer. Any ideas?

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… This could work either way maybe, but probably easier if you’re a girl, ask him about his thoughts on the song “Girls like Girls” by Hayley Kiyoko. Or about this part in Schitt’s Creek where David talks about his sexuality with wine metaphors? I’m not sure sorry! But I feel like those things help. Or maybe watch Brooklyn 99 with him, this part where Rosa comes out as Bi to everyone and ask him his thoughts about it. Or ask your mum what his thoughts about it would be. IDK sorry, but I hope this helps!!