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I’ve been on a downwards spiral these last three days. My confidence has been falling and I don’t feel pretty anymore. I’ve always known that I wasn’t beautiful and i made my peace with that a long time ago but these days i feel horrible about my appearance. I feel ugly.
I know that I’m not fat but I feel like am. I want to lose weight but I have no motivation to workout.
My head is filled with these thoughts that won’t leave. So I’m always stressed out thinking about them. I don’t want to be
I also feel super alone like I can’t talk to any of my family or friends. I feel like they wouldn’t understand. And I have always been afraid of opening up to people


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to be pretty means to be yrself . you don’t need to be accepted by others . you need to accept yrself pretty . - someone


Hey! I’m here for you, you’re heard loud and clear and you’re valid, don’t let your thoughts tell you otherwise yeah? You’re amazing and if you need anyone to talk to, I’m here for you! ❤

Hey! Try to think good things about yourself. The good things you have done, how you have made someone happy. You might feel good about yourself. Maybe try connecting to nature, some water bodies if nearby, it feels nice and refreshing!
Once start feeling good mentally, you may want to focus on your body, its functioning. Pay attention to it when alone or if you feel comfortable at your home, but don’t try to compare with anyone, it won’t happen in a day but eventually once you start liking your body then you will eventually start caring for it. Maybe try yoga or meditation? You can message me if you want to discuss more?